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Design Around is active in many different professional creative fields & areas. 

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Design Around – is active as an Adobe Education Leader since march 2018. 

The AEL program highlights the contributions of innovative educators who are effectively using Adobe tools and applications to promote excellence in the classroom. 

Through the AEL program, a network of outstanding educators inspire each other, problem-solve together, and collaborate on teaching projects and online professional development experience on the Education Exchange. Leaders can be classroom teachers, district administrators, technology coordinators, or education consultants.

AELs are dedicated to enhancing creativity and collaboration, and to improving the teaching and learning experience for their students and peers.      They share their expertise through workshops and conferences, and they help develop standards-based curriculums that are used worldwide. Many of the educational resources and professional development experiences on the Adobe Education Exchange have been created and led by AELs. They are educators, mentors, scholars, and lifelong learners. 

As Adobe updates it products and develops new ones, AELs provide valuable input through beta programs and focus groups. They are among the first to use new technologies in the classroom and establish learning objectives around them. AELs have deep expertise in integrating one or more Adobe tools and solutions into their teaching and learning practice, and they have demonstrated experience as an inspirational and influential leader in the local, national, or international education community. 

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Because of a good preparation it was spot on! The looks of the logo is just right. It's dynamic, beautiful and unique.

Inge Visser